The Ole Rømer Observatory in the suburb of Højbjerg, South of Århus was erected in 1911, to be used by the German private astronomer Friedrich Krüger. After 1916, the observatory was run in collaboration between the city of Århus and the Danish State. From 1956 to 1974, the Institute of Astronomy at the University of Aarhus was located here, and the university is still in charge of scientific astronomical work at the observatory. To

Today the observatory is mainly used for public presentations of astronomy. From September to April it is open approximately 15 nights each month. It is free to participate, but reservation has to be made in advance on the Steno Museum, telephone +45 8715 5415. There is room for max. 30 people and presentations are taking place regardless of weather. A presentation includes of a tour of the observatory, an introduction to the telescopes, a short astronomy lecture with room for questions and, of course a look at the evening sky if the weather is clear.

Building and equipment
In one of the observatory domes sits a 50 cm Cassegrain telescope. The other dome is equipped with two 11" Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes working in tandem. The telescopes are mainly used for public demonstrations and for student training, but some instrument development also takes place. With recent technology and new observational techniques, some scientific research is still possible in spite of the observatory being situated in an area heavily influenced by light pollution.

The two-winged building lies in a small park surrounded by tall trees, protecting the telescopes from direct city lights. Built by Danish architect Anton Rosen, it is considered a fine example of the Danish Art Nouveau period, and it was declared a protected site in 2006.

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