Væksthusene i Botanisk have, Århus

The Greenhouses house more than 4.000 species on display. Five greenhouses with different climates cover a total of 2.000 sqm.

The purpose of the greenhouses is to show the public the diversity of the plant world, and the necessity for preserving natural habitats, not least in the tropics where the pressure on the environment is overwelming. Simultaneously the greenhouses are an educational tool for biology students at the university, as well as for public schools and kindergardens and they also serve as a tool for research in selected plant groups.

The facilities include a cafe as well as handicap friendly entrance and toilets.

Seed catalogue
The Greenhouses and the Department of Biological Sciences, Aarhus University publish a seed catalogue, Index Seminum, which contains collections of seeds from natural habitats in Denmark.


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